Baltimore Homeopathic Study Group

The Baltimore Homeopathic Study Group is a group of lay persons that meets every month to learn and discuss homeopathy. Meetings are informal and we try to make them fun events. Every month's meeting focuses on a different topic, so over the course of a year we cover most aspects of homeopathic self care. Meeting are balanced between talks by local homeopathic and alternative practitioners and meetings taught by group members. All levels of experience are welcome, from complete newcomer to experienced practitioner. The Baltimore Homeopathic Study Group is affiliated with the National Center for Homeopathy, a national organization dedicated to the promotion of homeopathy and the education of individuals in the use of homeopathy.

Serious but treatable conditions need to be treated by homeopaths who are trained medical professionals and can coordinate treatment with that of other medical professionals. But this leaves a wide range of conditions that can be cured homeopathically by the interested layperson, including some conditions which are not curable by conventional medicine, such as viral infections. The study group discusses how you can use homeopathy to treat bruises and minor injuries, headaches, colds and the flu, diarrhea and upset stomach, and other non-serious conditions. Knowing how to use homeopathy effectively for you and your family can give you great peace of mind and a sense of empowerment.

The study group meets the first Monday of every month at 7 PM, except when this falls on a holiday. We meet at the Idlewylde United Methodist Church 1000 Regester Avenue, a little north of the city line (click for a map). If Baltimore County schools have been closed because of inclement weather, the meeting will be cancelled. Otherwise, the meeting will take place as usual.

Our Schedule

See you in October, when we'll hear a talk on the history of homeopathy in Baltimore. In the 19th Century conventional medicine did not have the strangle hold on medical care that it has today and alternative medicine played in a big role in medical care, with homeopathy at the lead. Maryland had a separate medical board for homeopathic medicine and Baltimore had a hospital and medical school entirely devoted to the practice of homeopathy. Learn all about the forgotten history of homeopathy in Maryland.

Sept 14 Homeopathy for First Aid
Oct 5 History of Homeopathy in Baltimore
Nov 2 Reproductive Health and Homeopathy
Dec 7 Mental Health and Homeopathy
Jan 4 Children's Illness
Feb 1 Homeopathic Remedies: The Solanacea Family
March 7 Vaccination
April 4 Seasonal Allergies
May 2 Planning Meeting