Baltimore Homeopathic Study Group
If you would like more information on homeopathy, the following off site links are a good place to start.
Homeopathy Home Page
The first and best index of sites.
Beyond Flat Earth Medicine
An online introduction to homeopathy (pdf file).
The Online Homeopathic Remedy Finder
A free online repertory based on Kent's Repertory.
Homeopathy International
Online versions of some classic homeopathic texts.
Taking the Case
Articles by Dr. Will Taylor on homeopathic case taking and analysis.
Homeopathic Online Education
A collection of articles by David Little on the practice of homeopathy.
British Faculty of Homeopathy
Information about clinical trials of homeopathy.
HealThy Animals
Improving the health of animals through natural medicine.
Homeopathy Store
An online homeopathy store run by one of our members.