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Cancer Materia Medica

Condurango is used to treat stomach cancer and Conium is used when there are hard glands that feel like a stone. Cancer metastasizes to the lymph glands because the lymph glands act like a filter. You should give Conium wherever you see a hard gland. Cadmium Sulph. is handy for stomach cancer. Its keynote is coffee colored vomit, which is blood from the stomach. Use it for black vomit as well. These are very chilly people, as chilly as ars. alb., and have great prostration, Euphorbium is for skin cancer and late stage breast cancer, when the cancer develops an open wound. Euphorbium has burning pains. It can also be used in bone pains. It is better from motion and cold applications. If you see sarcomas with open wounds, skin infection, or gangrene use Ars. Iod., in the 3X-6X potency without plussing morning and evening. It can also control infections in diabetes. Secale is also useful in improving the circulation. Hydrastis is good all over. One symptom of colon cancer is alternating constipation and diarrhea. It is treatable by Hydrastis. It can also be used in a pre-cancerous state with dyspepsia. Hydrastis has sinking empty hunger with loathing of food. Even the sweat of Hydrastis can be yellow. Kali salts have an affinity for the mucous membranes. All Kalis are chilly except for Kali Sulph. and Iod. Whenever something is wrong with the mucous membranes and you can't figure it out, think of Kali. Polyps of the nasal passages suggest Kali. Kali can have debility, and a 2 to 5 AM aggravation. Tumor arising from the kidney calls for a kali salt. Mag. phos. is the remedy for spasmodic pains. It's a fantastic remedy for dysmenorrhea. It acts better in hot water. Aconite, opium, phosphorus, and veratrum album are the remedies for fears. Late stage cancer has many fears. Neuralgic pains suggest aconite. Plumbum met. and Iod. have geat affinities for colic and constipation. This is the contradiction of Plumbum. The main clue is its affinity for nervous system. It is the main remedy for brain tumors. It is also useful for demylenizations. Any space occupying lesion of the brain suggests Plumbum Iodatum.

Drugs useful in breast cancer are Pulsatilla, Phos., Nat. Mur., Sepia, Staph., Conium. Scirrhinum, Thuja, Baryta Iod., Baryta Brom., Sang., Ars. Iod., and Euphorbium.

Scirrhinum closely resembles phosphorous. Patients needing it are thin built, have a desire for chilled drinks, and are chilly and fearful. It has glandular affections and hemorrhoids. The glands are stony hard, just as in Conium. It is also useful for myeloid leukemia. Symphytum usually used for promoting healing of fractures and injuries to the orbit of the eye. I use it for tumors arising from bones, sarcomas and osteoclaustomas. Textbooks say it is useful for exostosis. Terebintha has an affinity for the bladder. It is used in bladder carcinoma. Thuja particularly is suited for cancer of rectum and breast. Scrophularia nosoda is used for skin diseases, Hodgkins disease, Non-Hodgkins lymphoma, breast cancer, tubercular adenitis, or tubercular glands anywhere. The glands are not hard, which fits in with symptoms of Hodgkins. It can also be used for asthma, hemorrhoids, vertigo or drowsiness (like Nux Moschata.) Strontium Carb. acts on malignant neoplasms of the bone.

The first confusion about Carcinosin is that it cannot be used in a cancer case, only for a patient with a family history of cancer. My work has proved to the contrary. Kent believed cancer to be a result of suppressed psora. Several nosode preparations are available from different organs. I have used a preparation from cancer of the lung. Carcinosin have very demanding, moralizing parents. The child is sensitive and tries to please others. Carcinosin children are sensitive to reprimand. The adults have a strong tendency to take offense. Carcinosin children see a dichotomy in life. Their father says not to tell a lie, but then lies himself. So they are torn between these high standards and realities. Alopecia in discrete patterns was treated successfully by carcinosin. Persons needing Carcinosin masturbate at a very early age. They have childish traits as adults including nail biting, enuresis, and strange tics. It is useful in incestuous congenital problems. The Carcinosin patient is artistic and often grows up to be pugnacious, independent, and rebellious. The Carcinosin child has a sense of responsibility for his or her family. They take life too seriously and cannot relax. They approach every issue as a matter of life and death. In spite of being overloaded, they take on more responsibility. In spite of being exhausted, they pursue eccentric hobbies. They are severely repressed emotionally. They are not easily satisfied and criticize others like a school teacher would. They have an obsessive concern with cleanliness. They are irritated by trifles. They love to travel and to do strange things. They have a love of dance and music. They are sympathetic and open, to the point of annoyance. Carcinosin can have a great resemblance to argentum nitricum.

Protocols for Cancer

Prepare the remedy for plussing by taking three pills, dissolving them in eleven teaspoons of water, and stirring vigorusly. Then take one spoonful every fifteen minutes ten times. No solid food should be taken during this process. Leave behind one spoon to be carried over to the next day. The next day add ten spoons of water and repeat the process.The whole process takes approximately two and a half hours.

If the patient is in a pre-cancerous state, use homeopathy. If the cancer is just detected at an early stage, use homeopathy. If there is a small operable lump, use surgery followed by homeopathy. If the surrounding lymph nodes are affected, and are also operable, use surgery followed by homeopathy. If the primary lesion is not operable, try homeopathy first and if it is not successful use chemotherapy or radiation, and then homeopathy. If the cancer has spread to secondary glands and surrounding organs, do the same as above. In Stage IV cancer, with the primary fixed with pressure effects in surrounding areas and secondaries all over, use homeopathy for palliation. Tumors should be operated on as soon as possible because they can adhere to surrounding tissues and become inoperable.

Expect good results in astrocytoma and other brain tumors, cheek, tongue, esophagus, head of pancreas, rectum, ovaries, cervix, urinary bladder, breast, and prostate cancer. The best bet is to add a relevant nosode to the indicated homeopathic remedy.

Dr. Ramakrishnan
NCH Summer School